Trung tâm báo cháy QA12 ( 5 kênh đến 80 kênh)

  • Giá thị trường: Liên hệ
    • QA12 could up to 80 zones.
    • Alarm verification up to 7 seconds for real fire confirmation and avoid false alarm from environment interference.
    • Zone test mode to perform alarm and fault functional test.
    • Each zone has a separate disable function.
    • Fault indications for wire disconnection, unstable AC power, battery short circuit or disconnection and internal PCB unplug.



    Power Source
    220V AC, 50/60Hz others also available
    Battery Capacity
    24V / 4Ah
    # of heat detector connected
    No limit *Except electronic-type
    # of smoke detector connected
    30/zone *Horing Lih manufactured
    End of Line Resistor
    10KΩ *One per zone
    1.2mm steel plate
    Pearl gray *Others also available
    10 zones–450 mm (H) x 330 mm(W) x 130 mm(D)
    20 zones–550 mm (H) x 330 mm(W) x 130 mm(D)
    30 zones–680 mm (H) x 380 mm(W) x 150 mm(D)
    40/50 zones–950 mm (H) x 420 mm(W) x 150 mm(D)
    60~80 zones–1300 mm (H) x 420 mm(W) x 170 mm(D)