Trung tâm báo cháy địa chỉ 2,3,4 Loop QA-16

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    • Each loop can connect up to 250 addressable devices. Maximum networking are 32 loops and total addressable points are 8000.
    • Large LCD screen (40 x 15 lines) allows more events to be displayed on the same screen.
    • Loop device can be set up to be temporarily isolated.
    • Individual loop module test feature to save time on panel test.
    • On-board Self-test feature for simulating alarm output.
    • Easy system programming through PC to panel.
    • Events log can store up to 2030 events.
    • Specification optional thermal printer that can printout complete panel status.


    220V AC 50/60Hz *Others also available
    Battery Capacity
    24V DC 4Ah
    Charging Voltage, Current
    26V DC 100~400mA *With auto adjustment function
    Zone Voltage, Current
    24V DC short circuit under 5V 30mA
    System Capacity
    250 devices/1 loop *Expandable for site requirement
    Exterior Resistance
    Round-trip under 40Ω
    Transmitting Method
    Digital series transmitting
    Accumulation Time
    0~40 seconds *Other options available
    Main Sound
    85dB @1M
    # of conventional heat detectors connected
    No limit *Except electronic-type
    # of conventional smoke detectors connected
    30/zone *Horing Lih’s product
    1.6mm steel plate
    Pearl gray
    Dimensions (mm) HxWxD
    1~4 loop: 400x500x130
    5~8 loop:600x500x150