Đầu phun Sprinkler Tyco quay xuống TY3551 , Ty3531

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    Series RFII — 5.6 K-factor “Royal Flush II” Concealed Pendent Sprinklers Quick & Standard Response, Standard Coverage

    Sprinkler Identifcation Number (SIN)
    TY3531 — 3 mm bulb
    TY3551 — 5 mm bulb

    Sprinkler Approvals
    Approvals apply only to the service conditions indicated in the Design Criteria section.

    •    TY3531  (3-mm  Bulb)  is  UL  Listed, C-UL Listed, VdS Approved  (Certificate No. G4090007), and NYC Approved (MEA 353-01-E) as Quick Response.
    •    TY3531  (3-mm  Bulb)  is  FM  and LPCB Approved  (Ref. No. 094a/10) Approved as Standard Response. Factory  Mutual  and  LPCB  do  not approve any concealed sprinklers for quick response.
    •    TY3551  (5-mm  Bulb)  is  UL  Listed, C-UL  Listed,  FM  Approved,  LPCB Approved  (Ref. No. 094a/9), and NYC Approved (MEA 353-01-E) as Standard Response.

    Approvals for Air and Dust Seal
    UL  and C-UL  Listed  for  use with  the RFII Standard Response Concealed Sprinkler (TY3551).