Đầu phun K=8.0, 1/2” Quay lên Tyco

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    Series TY-FRB — 2.8, 4.2, 5.6, and 8.0 K-Factor  Upright, Pendent, and ecessed Pendent Sprinklers Quick Response, Standard Coverage

    Sprinkler Identifcation Number (SIN)
    TY1131:  Upright   2.8K, 1/2˝ NPT
    TY1231:  Pendent   2.8K, 1/2˝ NPT
    TY2131:  Upright   4.2K, 1/2˝ NPT
    TY2231:  Pendent   4.2K, 1/2˝ NPT
    TY3131:  Upright   5.6K, 1/2˝ NPT
    TY3231:  Pendent   5.6K, 1/2˝ NPT
    TY4131:  Upright   8.0K, 3/4˝ NPT
    TY4231:  Pendent   8.0K, 3/4˝ NPT
    TY4831:  Upright*   8.0K, 1/2˝ NPT
    TY4931:  Pendent*   8.0K, 1/2˝ NPT